My Name Is Jacq, And I’m …

An Amazon Addict.

I do 90% of my shopping through Amazon, as I love the way I just need to press a button to buy anything. I don’t need to remember any passwords, or enter any card details. I don’t want to visit dozens of different websites, compare prices and delivery terms before selecting the best deal, then have to wrestle with my credit card details and passwords in an effort to pay. Basically I shop with Amazon because I’m lazy.

At this time of the year Amazon is a godsend. Over the year I’ve been compiling wish lists for the kids, so now Christmas is approaching, all I need to do is work my way down the list and press ‘add to basket’ a lot. Even DH will happily put together a wish list, so I don’t have to worry about getting him a book he’s already read or a CD he already has.

I have an Amazon Prime membership ( £49 / year) which must pay for itself during the month of December, let alone the other 11 months. Oh and if I have to return anything, it’s not too much hassle that I just don’t bother. I figure this saves me money in the long run as well.

Do I feel guilty for not supporting smaller retailers and shops on my high street? Yes, a little. I do try and buy locally when I’m on the high street, but  I’m not going to drive anywhere especially to buy something, when it can be delivered the next day for cheaper.

I also feel bad about not supporting bookstores but we already have too many books in the house, and I now have a kindle for my books.  And of course you buy kindle books from Amazon.

I also happen to hate shopping ; if I’m doing it online there are no crowds, no rude shop assistants and no sorting through the stock trying to find what I’m looking for.

I know Amazon is a retail giant that doesn’t pay enough tax, and doesn’t treat its staff particularly well. I watched that Panorama program and was prepared to be horrified but actually, I didn’t think it was that bad.

So here I am, still sitting firmly on the fence. I love Amazon for its easy payments and fast delivery but feel uneasy about the ethics involved.

What it comes down to is that I don’t feel bad enough to try and do anything about my Amazon habit.

And besides, where else would the cats get that many boxes to play in from?

cat and amazon boxes

4 comments on “My Name Is Jacq, And I’m …

  1. Uh…:) We are huge Amazon fans too:) When you have family in England and Denmark and Christmas is spend 1 year here – 1 year there it’s just so easy. We use it all year round really though for all sorts of things. I hate shopping – used to love it but now I’m disabled I hate it. I agree that we should support small highstreet shops and we do do sometimes but Amazon is the best:)

  2. I was going to say ‘did you see the programme?’ D did and is going on about it, but it’s still not stopping him buying from amazon. I have to say I’ve used it a lot this year for chanukah and D’s bday (which is tmw), presents (with a bit of thrown in for good measure!! It’s just so much easier than traipsing round shops when it’s cold and/or you’re busy.

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