My Sunday Photo

It’s a year ago today that we lost our lovely Lurcher, Willow. If you want to hear the full story, you can read about it here.

If you don’t have time, all you really need to know is it involved a fox, a van and specialist vet care that cost over £8K. After which she died anyhow.

We had some insurance, but not enough. At least we know we did everything we could for her.

A year on, I have dreaded the run up to this day but now it’s here, it’s not so bad.  We’ve looked at photos and told stories about her and earlier this week I spent some time making a little Lurcher feltie that is supposed to look like her.

The dog-shaped hole she left has been filled by a rescue dog who has fitted in to our family well, but of course there is never any filling the Willow-shaped hole.

We still miss her pointy nose, hairy butt and mad zoomies last thing at night.

I just can’t believe a whole year has passed since we last saw her.

Willow Feltie

My Sunday Photo

14 comments on “My Sunday Photo

  1. When I left home I fear that when I go back the dogs (we have 5 then) will not remember me. But they died and we only have 2 left =(

    I now fear that they will leave without me even seeing them.


  2. It is so hard when they leave us and even even more so when it is sooner than it should have been. Let’s hope Willow, Poppy and Harry are all playing together happily …

  3. Buddy and I are commenting on blogs tonight and he wanted to stop by and say that he thinks your dog is lovely and the little one you have in the foreground is really cute. Sorry for your loss x

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