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Our kids go to a large suburban primary school. It has over 800 pupils at the moment which means a whole crowd of parents dropping off kids in the morning and then picking up at the end of the day.

A lot of these parents drive, which means they also need to park. And sometimes they need to be more careful not to inconvenience residents and other vehicles as they park. There is always plenty of parking if you go a bit further from the school gate ,but sometimes they might have to park as far as 5 minutes away from the school and -gasp-walk!

Unfortunately not all parents think about other people. Some of them are only worried about  making sure their little darling’s legs don’t fall off.

Here is a good example of what happens when someone parks too close to the corner of our narrow suburban roads.  The highway code advises that you should not park closer than 10 metres to a junction or opposite one and this shows why.

There is a driveway on the corner of the left hand of this photo. The BMW is parked right up against that dropped curb, probably because there had been another car  behind them.

Along comes one of the school buses that had taken some of our children out for the day and it simply can’t get around the corner. It was stuck there for a good 10 minutes, with traffic backing up behind it.

Finally the car on the right moved and the bus driver could swing around  and head off, late for his next job. A stream of angry drivers followed him, also late for where ever they were going next.

Nobody ever saw the driver of the BMW,  so they probably went on their merry way oblivious to the chaos they had caused. Maybe next time they might come back to a damaged car.

Please think before you park!
bus stuck

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  1. Funnily enough, we talked about this kind of thing on the Meet the Parents podcast recently. Some people can be so oblivious/selfish at times. As you say, for the sake of a couple of minutes’ walk people will prioritise their own convenience over dozens of others. Drives me barmy.

  2. Ugh, the politics of the school gate and the difficulty with driver rage isn’t a great way to start or end the school day is int.
    We’re lucky we can cycle to school without having to go on a road.

  3. This made me laugh as it looks so much like a picture that would be shared on a Bad Parking in Zakynthos Facebook page, in fact no one would bat an eyelid here. People really should think more about where they park, especially at the school gates.


  4. I live opposite our infant school and next to a doctor’s surgery and this is similar to how the cars park at school drop off and pick up times. I’ve also had people park right across my drive at times – one of them was there for about an hour as they were at the doctors who were running late! When I confronted them on their return, they just said that there had been nowhere else to park! People can just be so blind and inconsiderate at times.

  5. This SO reminds me of my sons school parking situations, we have tons of street parking (layby’s) to park in but NO everyone just has to cram into the tiny car park, its utter chaos on a twice daily basis. I now park at the bottom of the road, away from the chaos as the temptation to scream at other parents in a morning is too unbearable now – also my car has been heavily scratched from the car park too. 🙁

  6. What a nightmare! We walk to nursery, and I can’t picture us driving to school when we go either. It is always gridlocked, no parking spaces and the cause of much stress. It just seems not worth it.

  7. Ugh! It gets like this around the school gates at my youngest girls school! It is ridiculous….I don’t even drive but it annoys me so much. You would think people would have more sense!

  8. So glad I don’t have to put up with this crap anymore! I used to generally walk to school in the mornings, but if it was raining heavily (we lived a mile away) we would drive, but park a short walk away. Surely common sense has to prevail!

  9. We are part of the walkers and you wont believe how the drivers wont let us cross the streets sometimes when they are running late. I have nothing against parents who drive but would appreciate a wee bit on consideration especially when the weather is bad and we are soaking! #MySundayPhoto

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