My Sunday Photo

This week DD3 was invested as a cub. She’s a bit old as she’s already turned 10, but her Brownies group closed down at the end of last year and one of her friends asked if she’d like to join her cub group so they could go on a camp together!

She’s been attending the group since Easter and enjoying it very much. Last week she made her ( non religious) promise and joined the group properly. Β She also attends Guides with her sisters on a different night but come September she’ll have to decide which path to follow, Scouts or Guides, as both are on the same night.

I have to admit I am hoping she will choose Guides as I haven’t worked out how I will clone myself for pick ups yet!

As you can see, our dogs had to be in the photo too. F loves to smile for the camera!

F and L cub


My Sunday Photo

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  1. Ah, that’s great. Our eldest son has just moved up to Cubs while the middle one has now joined Beavers. It will be interesting to see what our daughter decides to do when she is old enough.

  2. A difficult decision, we had the same with Clio choosing between cubs and brownies, she chose brownies then gave up as her friends left. the boy stayed with their cubs and all loved scouts too. I hope your daughter makes the right decision, I think scouts can be rough, my boys are always getting injured in games.

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