My Sunday Photo

Last week DD3 and I visited a very special animal sanctuary and got to meet a couple of her favourite animals.

I will write about this later, as it was a great day out and deserves a post of its own.

But while we were there we visited a small stand manned by Teaching Talons, an animal encounters company, who were lovely and patient with  everyone as we waited our turn to visit the main attraction.

One of the girls convinced DD to hold an owl, something she’s never dared do before. I took loads of photos but this is the closest I got to getting them both looking at the camera!

This is a young African Barn Owl. Isn’t she beautiful?

Holding an African Barn Owl

Sunday photo


14 comments on “My Sunday Photo

  1. What a great thing to do and worth taking all those photos to capture a good one like this. Sounds like a wonderful day out. If you do write about the whole sanctury day I’d love you to share it on Country Kids with me. #MySundayPhoto

  2. What a special photo and one that your daughter will treasure no doubt. Such a fantastic moment. I adore owls and would have loved to do this myself.
    Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for sharing.

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