My Sunday Photo

Years ago, I used to frequent this local park. It has two playgrounds, lots of room for dogs to run around and a great slope for scooting and balance biking down.

But when all the kids started school, I no longer needed the playgrounds and started to walk the dogs in the local woods instead. But we’ve started to go back to this park for dog training classes on a Saturday morning and it’s nice to see it again.

It hasn’t changed too much but the council has installed a line of old fashioned Victorian-style lamps along one of the paths.

And someone has started digging up patches of the turf and sowing wildflower meadows. It did look a bit bare at first but now this is the result. Swathes of poppies and cornflowers and some other orange flower I can’t identify creating great splodges of stunning colour across the park. And the whole thing is buzzing with bees. It’s lovely to see.

It makes me want to dig up our lawn and try the same thing at home. But of course, it’s unlikely to have the same effect in our back garden so maybe I’ll start with a few individual poppy plants instead.


Sunday photo

18 comments on “My Sunday Photo

  1. What a lovely sea of red, we love poppies and haven’t seen a lot of real ones recently. The last time we saw poppies were the ceramic ones at The Tower of London x #MySundayPhoto

  2. Oh wow this is stunning! I’ve started sowing wild flowers in our garden in the hope they may grow better! Have a lovely Sunday xx

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