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My youngest daughter has always wanted a pet bird but neither DH or I like the thought of a bird stuck in a cage for 10+ years. Plus, we have cats.

On Monday there was a post on a local parents’ page saying someone had found a budgie, had anyone lost one? And if not, could anyone take it and look after it as person who found it was asthmatic. I waited a bit to see if anyone more suitable replied, but after a couple of hours dropped the finder a PM. He replied quite quickly and  told me that the bird was being kept in a plastic box. It was quite safe and well, but obviously needed more suitable accommodation.

All we could offer was a smallish hamster cage with perches made from apple tree twigs but it would do until the bird’s owner was found. The kids were ecstatic and have named him/her Charlie. The cats were also over the moon and had to be persuaded ( with a water bottle) that Charlie was not some sort of environmental enrichment activity for them.

Blue Budgie
Charlie has been with us almost a week and I’ve registered him/her on a load of lost bird/pet sites. I’ve had one reply from a lady who lost a blue budgie a week previously. She lost her bird about 6 miles away so it’s certainly not too far away, but hers was a mature male, while Charlie is probably 5-9 months old and most likely a female. So from now on I’m going to refer to him/her as ‘her’.

I think Charlie most likely comes from an aviary or pet shop. She is not scared of humans or cats or dogs but isn’t hand tame. I’ve had to hold Charlie a couple of times to move her and I haven’t been bitten. And budgies can bite quite badly if they put their mind to it!

So for now, we have a bird. DD3 is very pleased, I like having the little chirper in the house and even DH has just ordered a new cage for her so it seems that Charlie has  her little feet firmly under the table.

Sunday photo


16 comments on “My Sunday Photo

  1. Aww I love this little happy tale. It sounds like Charlie was meant to come and stay with you. I used to know a lady that taught her budgie to speak. Well swear really which I thought was hilarious and so did she until a local priest came to call for tea one day!
    Will you put a tweet out (sorry I couldn’t resist) to see if the owner shows up but by the sound of it she’s part of the family now.

  2. Now that is a very lucky little budgie! We had a budgie that had the run (or fly of the house when I was growing up). We never had any other pets (apart from hamsters), he had a huge cage, but we only closed the door when it wasn’t safe for him to be out.

    I hope Charlie has a long and happy life with you.


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