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This week we finally got a new car. We have been  discussing it for a couple of years now but it’s been difficult because we felt that nothing would truly replace our old Toyota Previa.

She was almost 11 years old and was showing her age. If we could have, we would have just bought a newer one but they stopped making them in the UK 6 months after we bought ours.

We needed something big enough to carry 2 adults, 2 teens and 2 kids, plus two lab-sized dogs on occasion.  We wanted sliding doors and a decent sized boot with all the seats in use. It had to be an automatic as we do a lot of town driving and we preferred a petrol engine. We also wanted a backing camera to help with parking. It was further complicated as DH didn’t want something that looked like a van.

In the end we settled for a Seat Alhambra. It’s okay. There isn’t quite as much room in it as there was in the Previa and we’ve had to have a diesel engine. The boot is pretty much non existent with all the seats up and you can’t take the spare seat out to create more room.

But the worst bit about getting a new car was saying goodbye to our old one. I felt like crying when DH drove it off to an appointment with We Buy Any Car dot com. And DS insisted on giving her a hug goodbye before he left for school. It’s the only car he has ever known.

car hugger
He’s adjusting to the new one okay though. The automatic doors are helping, as is his integrated car seat.  I like the dashboard that tells me the kids have put their seat belts on and I know the heated seats will come in handy next winter.

So we are coping but I do still feel guilty about the old car. That’s not normal, is it? I mean , it’s not like she was a member of the family or anything…

Sunday photo

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