My Sunday Photo

More new car photos! I am learning to love our Seat Alhambra.

Firstly, the dogs have finally learnt to jump in the back instead of being allowed to ride on the second row of  seats as they were in the old car.

For the first few days I had to actually had to physically wrangle them into the back, which wasn’t easy as they are both Labrador sized. I was very relieved when they started jumping in on their own.

The one on the left is particularly unimpressed as he doesn’t like the way the boot closes automatically but he’s worked out that car= walkies so he puts up with it and just makes faces.

dogs alhambra
Secondly, the fun bit about getting a new car is finding out what all the bells and whistles do.

This car has heated front seats which will be lovely come winter and it’s useful to know exactly how long I can leave it before having to find a petrol diesel station.

But the best thing so far are the little symbols that tell me whether the kids have put their seat belts on or not.

They haven’t worked out how I always seem to  know yet…

Alhambra seatbelts

Sunday photo

12 comments on “My Sunday Photo

  1. Looks like plenty of space in there for both the dogs to be comfortable. I do like the seat belt gadget, I could do with this for my kids sometimes, they are very naughty about belting up after I’ve started the car moving.

  2. Gorgeous dogs – glad they have worked out how to jump in and save your back! We have an automatic boot closure too, I absolutely love it (but then I’m not a dog!!) #MySundayPhoto

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