My Sunday Photo

This is an orchid I got for Mother’s day in 2015. It had blue flowers then, obviously dyed, and I knew if it ever flowered again the blooms would be white.

The flowers lasted for ages, but eventually died and the plant lost the stem and leaves and looked like it was dead. I tried a few different things to get it growing again, and in desperation moved it to the very sunny kitchen windowsill, chucked some water at it occasionally and left it alone.

Of course, because it was being neglected it grew two new leaves, and when I got back from holiday I found it had flowered. This is one of the flowers but it now has five. My kids think the centre looks like a Pokemon.

Orchids really are very awkward plants.
Orchid from Tesco

Sunday photo

8 comments on “My Sunday Photo

  1. I love orchids – I got bought one for my birthday two years ago and it is the only house plant I have ever managed to keep alive – it seems to cope quite well with being neglected. Glad to hear that yours has flowered again Love this close-up of one of the flowers on your plant – so pretty.

  2. Stunning! How odd it would flower so brilliantly after being left alone? I’m wondering if the same approach would bring my strawberry plants back to life? #MySundayPhoto

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