My Sunday Photo

Look what the cat brought in this week!

This is a feral ring-necked parakeet; we have flocks of them flying around this area but I’ve never seen one caught by a cat before.

Our neighbour saw one of our stupid, fluffy-tailed moggies with this one on Thursday and brought it over to us to deal with, rather than watch it be tortured to death.

Luckily we have a wildlife rescue about an hour from us that is open 24/7 so we drove it there. It seemed very lively despite a wound on its wing, and at last report is doing okay.

If you ever need to handle one of these, drop a tea towel over it first before you open the box it’s presented to you in. And mind your fingers, they can bite hard!

Green Parrot

My Sunday Photo

20 comments on “My Sunday Photo

  1. Oh I love a happy ending ;D
    Thank goodness for the rescue… although I suspect moggy wasn’t too pleased having his prize whisked away.
    Enjoy your Sunday after your good deed.

  2. Well that gives the saying facts! Aww, what a cute bird. It’s looking a lite frazzled although I probably would too if I was almost ate by a kitty. Are you guys going to keep the little guy? Happy Sunday!

  3. I’d be a little hesitant about dropping him off at our wildlife rescue places as feral’s are often dealt with in rather permanent ways, I’d head to the vet instead or sound them out over the phone first. I’m pleased to hear that is not the case for this little guy. I wonder how he managed to get himself caught, usually they’re too smart for that? Ringnecks are just lovely.

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