My Sunday Photo

These are our two rescue dogs. They are both from Ireland and were plucked from certain death in the dog pounds after their 7 days were up. They were bought to the UK by a small dog rescue based in Hertfordshire and that’s who we adopted them from. Β I would never buy a puppy or dog ever again as rescuing is the way to go.

They are now 3 and 4 years old, so are pretty well behaved, but the one thing that I can’t stop them doing is running off after squirrels/foxes/deer/ whatever. They never seem to catch anything, they just love to chase.

They always come back eventually, but sometimes I get very bored waiting for them to return.

This is them in the back of our car after they disappeared after something Β for 20 minutes on Tuesday. Happy, muddy and totally unrepentant.
muddy dogs

Sunday photo

21 comments on “My Sunday Photo

  1. Ooh I’m guessing that it’s hard to be annoyed with them by the look of sheer delight on their faces. Sort of “Didn’t we do well” look. Great photo with a great message… rescue!

  2. Unrepentant, hahaha. I know that look. That’s still pretty young, I’m sure they can be trained to come when you call but it’s so hard when there’s wildlife about.

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