My Sunday Photo

Last Thursday was my birthday. It was also the first day of the school holidays for us. This was not a good combination as the kids were overexcited and over tired and DH didn’t get home until almost 9pm as the Metropolitan line fell over.

I has to wait the entire day for my presents. Three of the kids took gifts DH had bought and wrapped, and claimed them for their own to give to me.

But DD2 is 13 and used her own pocket money to buy me this cup from the local shops.

I have to point out that I turned 46 on Thursday, so was NOT born in 1995, but apparently ‘It was the oldest one they had’.

This makes me feel very old indeed.

Happy Birthday to me!

born in 1995 cup

Sunday photo

11 comments on “My Sunday Photo

  1. Happy birthday for last Thursday. It’s sweet that you got a handpicked gift from your daughter. Sure, it might be the wrong aye but at least you can pretend you are 21 again! #MySundayPhoto

  2. A belated happy birthday! I’m just a few weeks behind you as I turn 46 in early September.

    It’s been a relief to get to the end of the school year at last. Our boys are shattered and Kara isn’t much better, although she still has a few weeks of preschool remaining.

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