Mymumdom’s Going To …

First things first. Happy birthday to me.

Today I have been 21 for 21 years.

According to Douglas Adams, 42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. And you know what? I do feel kind of wise today.

But that’s probably because it’s 6am, no one else is up and I’m feeling calm.

So, what is someone of my advanced years getting up to today? Surely I’m being whisked off to a child-free spa somewhere in Hertfordshire where my every whim will be met without me having to locate a muscle, let alone move one?

Fat chance.

Today I have 4 hours to sort out the lounge and bedroom, clean out the rat and hamster cages, pack bags for DS and I ( did the girls’ bags last night * smug face*), go and poop scoop the lawn before the cab arrives to drive us to the airport, to catch the plane that will take us to …Iceland.

Why Iceland you may ask?

I dunno. It seems like an interesting kind of place to visit. Geysers, volcanos, thermal hotsprings, lots of coast; it’s not a beach holiday but it’s something different.

We are doing to go have a poke around, do the touristy stuff and hope that the weather isn’t too grim. The forecast isn’t great and typically it looks like the UK is going to have Summer while we are away.

Luckily the Hotel we are staying in has WiFi so I can keep on blogging while I holiday.

Yay! Happy Birthday To Me 🙂



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  1. Happy Birthday. Starting a holiday on your birthday isn’t bad. I went to Iceland once – with horrid ex but will draw a veil over that – and it’s a really interesting place. Have a wonderful time.

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