No Childcare And A Hangover.

It seemed like a good idea at the time to stay up drinking until 11pm last night.

It wasn’t until the kids started stirring sometime after 7 this morning that I realised that what, at the time had seemed like an innocent spot of holiday socialising, had in fact been a Very Bad Idea.

On Esprit Alpine Adventures Tuesday is the staff day off. We get breakfast served but that’s it. No packed lunch, no scrumptious 3 course dinner, no free wine, no child care during the day and no cocoa club at night. We are well and truly on our own.

It’s not hard to entertain children in Saas Fee, especially when the weather is as good as it was today. We’ve had a couple of wet No Childcare days in various Esprit resorts but you can usually find something to do.

Our children knew something was up with Mum and Dad this morning and set out to have as many LOUD arguments as possible in the hour it took us to get everyone up and washed. DD2’s effort was especially impressive and resulted in me having to leave the breakfast room with her screaming. We went back to our room for a bit to allow her to calm down without an audience.

Once we got out of the hotel, things seemed to calm down in the fresh air. We had planned to take the cableway up to the edge of the glacier but the relevant ski lift was closed. So we headed to the other side of the village and caught the bubble lift up to the top of the mountain I had walked up yesterday.

At the top of Hannig there is a cafe with a huge sun terrace, and a fantastic playground for the kids.

DH and I watched the kids play happily for about an hour while we slowly rehydrated ourselves.

Then we came back down the lift and found this Saas Fee Tourist Train waiting for us outside the Tourist Office.

It may not have been blue with the number ‘1’ painted on its side, but DS was desperate for a ride. So we all got on board and sat watching the village go past. The commentary was in English, so we learnt quite a few things about the history of the village while we rode.

Lunch was eaten at one of the fine establishments off the high street. It had a small playground which amused the kids while we waited for our food.

Then I’m afraid I have to admit that we came back to our room for a couple of hours. The kids entertained themselves electronically, while DH and I had a sneaky nana nap.

The rest of the afternoon was spent back at the Rodelbobahn. DD1 and 2 have now got very confident and were competing to see who could go the fastest.

Then the rest of the family headed off for a game of mini golf. I’m still traumatised from the last time we played on holiday last year, so I refused to have any part of it, but they all came back happy enough so I presume it went well.

We are heading out to find some dinner soon and plan a very early night.

The kids are back in the Alpies club tomorrow. The maxis are going mountain biking which should be interested as I don’t think my two have been on a bike since last summer, and the little ones are going up to Hoshiland, which is this amazing playground halfway up a mountain in the next village along.

I have no idea what DH and I will do tomorrow. A lot depends on the weather but at least we won’t be hungover.

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