Nothing Stays The Same When They Start Secondary School.

I knew life would be different when my firstborn started secondary school. But I didn’t know how  it would be different.

Yes, I knew she’d have to leave the house an hour earlier and get home an hour later. I knew she’d have to be more independent and I’d have to let her get on with things. And I knew she’d come home full of stories about teachers I didn’t know and girls I’d never met.

Sure enough, DD1 has changed in the two short weeks since she’s been at secondary school. Some of the change is good; some, well we’ll see.

She’s become au fait with public transport and quite often stops off to meet friends after school ‘for a drink’. I’m assuming  this involves milkshakes and soft drinks, not a reccy to the local pub but I should probably check where she goes, shouldn’t I?

She’s enjoying her lessons and managing her homework without too much drama but she’s signed up for what I think are too many clubs. She’s trying out new sports like badminton and hockey but coming home with requests for even more new equipment/clothing. And she’s upped her campaign for a better phone ( We are holding out until her birthday in December) but she’s managed to persuade me to allow her to get her ears pierced.

newly pierced ears

You have to pick your battles, don’t you?

But what I didn’t realise is how much DD1’s starting secondary school would affect the rest of the family.

Life is quieter in the morning with just three kids to get ready. And DD2 has negotiated for a longer lie in in the mornings in lieu of watching TV, so I find myself with only two to supervise before breakfast.

DD2 has grown up suddenly now she’s now longer under the shadow of her big sister. She gets herself ready for school on her own, packs her bag and makes her own breakfast. She even tidies up after herself without being reminded. She’s in Y6, so is one of the Big Kids now and insists on walking herself to and from school for part of the way. I don’t feel right with only two to walk to school at the moment, but I know I’ll get used to it.

Life goes on but I do miss the chaos of last year when I had four on the school run. I don’t think I made the most of it.


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  1. S has changed like that too – it’s amazing what a couple of weeks in secondary does to them. People say that they change massively in year 7.

  2. They really do flourish when they have to take more responsibility for themselves, don’t they? The Mum Safety Net of just nipping their forgotten PE or lunch or homework into school has gone.
    Now my boys are both at Middle School and leaving the house to catch the bus at the same time, I do miss the extra half an hour at the beginning and end of each school day that I had with ds2 – we had some fab conversations on our walk to school. I almost feel as if I’ve ‘lost touch’ with him and will have to make an effort to do something that was previously so easy.

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