Pink And Blue At Hotel Chocolat

I love Hotel Chocolat. I loved them the first time I tried some of their stuff; their chocolate is just divine.

Unfortunately, their closest store is in a town about 20 minutes away, so I don’t get to go and browse very often. Still, at least they have an online shop.

Anyhow, yesterday I happened to be in the town that has a Hotel Chocolat shop, and I decided to drop into their store and see what was new. I bought a few mini slabs that caught my eye and then, because I didn’t want to share with the kids, I decided to get them a treat of their own.

This is what I found- chocolate lollipops.

You can’t really see inside the plastic but one is a ballerina/fairy and one is a robot. Would you like to guess which is which?

twinkle toes lollipops

That’s right. The one with the blue label is the robot. Obviously. Because boys like robots don’t they?

And the pink labeled one is the ballerina or fairy. For girls.

And just in case you have a girl who likes robots or a boy who likes fairies, and thought you might get away with removing the small label around the stick before presenting them to your non-gender stereotypical child, Hotel Chocolat have helpfully added a bigger colour coded label at the back.

Back of Hotel Chocolat lollipops

I made a bit of a cats bum face at these labels as I don’t believe  a company that prides itself on being ethical should feel the need to package the products they aim at children according to gender. How about using some gender neutral colours instead. Let the kids make their own choices?

I know that when kids start school the gender stereotyping kicks in pretty quickly. But this doesn’t make it right.

A year ago DS would have not only quite happily eaten a pink labelled ballerina lollipop, but would have been upset if he hadn’t got exactly the same product as his sisters. Yesterday I showed him one of each, and he first pointed to the ballerina, then ‘corrected’ himself and choose the robot instead.

hotel chocolat nibblatron lollipop

 Thanks to insidious packaging like this, at 5 years of age DS now knows that he is supposed to like things packaged in blue.

DD3 would have quite happily eaten the robot; she knows that she is supposed to prefer the ballerina but considers herself quite the rebel. But she’s 7, and it was chocolate so she didn’t make a fuss. Give her a decade or so and I’m willing to bet she’ll writing some cracking letters of complaint.

In researching this post, I went on the Hotel Chocolat website and found that there are various pink Twinkle toes and blue Nibblatrons packs. It’s not just lollipops. This disappointed me further.

If they were both the same shape and name, then yes, I suppose I could cope with that, although obviously I’m not a great fan of the pink and blue thing.

But to label ballet for girls and robots for boys in this day and age seems a bit old fashioned.

Last time I looked it was 2013.

6 comments on “Pink And Blue At Hotel Chocolat

  1. That is crazy! I’m with you on the gender stereotyping thing, although my husband doesn’t see the problem. He recently bought our daughter a ‘Cooking for girls’ cook book and I was furious, although I did buy her a Chemistry set (from the boy’s section of a toy shop!) to even things out a bit! But the whole thing is so ingrained in our culture now it’s hard to get away from!

  2. It’s just – well – unnecessary isn’t it? My ten year old girl recently went on a whole robot kick. I know for a fact my eight year old boy quite likes pink but he’s reduced to hiding his (smart) pink shirt at the back of his drawers when friends come round. (It’s heading your way when he’s grown out of it!)

  3. Hang on – all Hotel Chocolat have done is to associate Pink with Fairies, and Blue with Robots. All of the gender stereotyping inference is yours, no? 🙂

  4. God this gives me the rage! Have you tweeted @EverydaySexism and @lettoysbetoys about this? They have both had a lot of success with supermarket gendered signage.

  5. My girls (aged 7 and 10) both prefer powder blue to pink. In fact, duck egg blue would be the seven year olds favourite colour of choice. She used to like green beat, until she spent three years trying to like pink as per her gender stereotype but has given up on that now. Neither of them like ballerinas and aren’t keen on fairies. The eldest has never ever liked pink! They’d probably both prefer the robot – especially if they could take it apart and see how it worked 😉
    I’m not keen on hotel chocolat chocolate myself so we’ll probably never have the issue of their gender biased chocolate!

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