Quizzes and Lakes.

One of the unique parts of Esprit holidays is the evening meal.

The kids eat first at ‘high tea’, then go to Coco Club in the evening while the adults eat. There are a couple of meat options to choose from and a veggie option as well, and you end up with a nicely presented, extremely edible 3 course meal served up to a bunch of very hungry people. It’s usually a winning combination and is helped by our chef this week proving himself to be extremely competent.

The slightly ‘odd’ aspect is that you share your table with a number of your fellow guests each night.  If you are quite social then the dinner lottery can make things quite interesting; if you prefer to keep to yourself, I can imagine that sitting next to someone like myself is a bit of a nightmare.

The dinner talk usually revolves around what people have done during the day and this topic can give you some good ideas about  what walks or activities might suit you over the next few days.

Last night we had the added ‘excitement’ of the weekly after dinner quiz. DH and I have been on the winning team for the last few Esprit holidays we have been on, but this is mainly down to DH being a bit of a quiz buff and us being familiar with the sort of regional questions that are asked. My contribution is usually negligible but last night I felt relatively useful as I was actually able to answer a couple of questions.

One used the normally useless skill of being able to discern the object in a ‘magic eye’ or 3D picture and I was the only person in the hotel who was able to see it. The other answer came from the UK citizenship exam I sat earlier in the year. I’m not sure UK Immigration set their questions with this end in mind but am pleased the knowledge came in useful for something.

DH and I took it easy today. We set off on what should have been an easy circuit of the higher pastures at the back of the resort, but found ourselves drawn towards the tree line.

We headed over the adjacent ridge and found ourselves beside a glacial lake and having to pick a path across boulders that had rolled down the valley 10000 years ago.

It wasn’t at all taxing and I enjoyed the variety of paths. It was exactly as I imagined walking ‘in’ the mountains to be.

Snowy peaks, meadows full of flowers,  paths gently sloping through forests and numerous streams and waterfalls.

This is why we come to the Alps year after year.



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