Regenovex: Good For Sore Knees?

I’ve suffered from sore knees for years now. When I was 14 I tore the meniscus in my right knee while doing Tae Kwon Do and ended up having surgery to trim and repair it.

For the rest of my teens, my knee didn’t bother me too badly but sometimes I would have a twinge, or my knee would lock. Sometimes I’d have to take a painkiller, but it was rare,

In my early 20s, my work as a vet put more pressure on my dodgy knee. 2 years of large animal work had me lying, kneeling and standing in all sorts of positions, but when I changed to small animal work, things improved slightly. I still had to get down on the floor occasionally, but I coped. I went to the gym and did a lot of cycling and had very few complaints about the way my joints served me.

Once I was 30, things all went downhill. Years of pregnancy, weight gain and carrying children around played havoc with all of my joints, not just my knees. I have remained fairly active but it’s been an effort sometimes, and my use of ibuprofen has risen from ‘every now and again’ to ‘once a day without fail’. My right knee especially has caused me a lot of pain.

In my late 30’s I finally saw a surgeon about it.  The pain was so bad it was waking me up at night and my knee was swollen and sore to touch. X Rays showed I had arthritis on the back of my knee cap and the surgeon recommended a patella scrape, a procedure he was overly cheerful about. ‘You’ll probably wake up from the operation in less pain than you went in’, were his words. He lied.

What followed were three weeks of excruciating pain where my leg was all but useless and I dragged it around like a dead thing. I was in constant pain despite painkillers, and found myself constantly tearful and exhausted. Finally I got some physiotherapy which helped me get function back in my knee, and eventually things improved. But I certainly wasn’t living the pain free life the surgeon had alluded too.

Now in my early 40s, my right knee can vary from day to day in how painful it is. More worryingly, I’m getting twinges in my left knee. and it’s also not just my knees that hurt in the morning. I’ve started to do pilates and stretch frequently and have been trying various nutraceuticals in an effort to reduce my reliance on ibuprofen. I think some have helped a little but my joint pain comes and goes. I’m definitely one of the 72% of people who find my joint pain gets worse during cold, damp, frosty or wet weather. No wonder I’ve been suffering more than usual this winter.

About 6 weeks ago, I got an email asking me if I’d like to review a product called Regenovex. Regenovex is a product formulated to help maintain the health of joints. It contains two functional ingredients from natural sources- a marine oil from NZ Green Lipped Mussels and Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring lubricant that lubricates and cushions joints. Regenovex comes in three different forms; once-a-day capsules, a gel and a patch that can be worn for up to 12 hours.

I was sent a pack of 30 Regenovex tablets, a pot of gel and two patches to try. The tablets are small and are easily swallowed with no after taste. I took two tablets a day for the the first 10 days, as recommended, then just one a day and I’m happy to report my knees are feeling a lot better, even though I spent a week of this time in below freezing weather in Arctic Norway. I very rarely get achey knees at night now, and when I do, I have used the Regenovex gel on the affected joint with great success. I am less achy all over at night and do feel more flexible. I have also recently started doing a lot of walking and find the gel helps my achy feet as well. I haven’t got to use the patches yet, although I gave one to a friend with a sore back and she reported that it seemed to really help.

I am now on my second pack of Regenovex tablets, and will continue to take them. This pack was purchased from Amazon but the range is also available in most Boots stores. The RRP for 30 capsules is £23.99, the gel £11.29 and the patches are £2.49 each.

I would recommend Regenovex for anyone who has achy joints, whether it’s only one, or seemingly all of them. The tablets have made day to day movement a lot more comfortable generally and have decreased my ibuprofen usage by 1-2 tablets a day. Of course Regenovex products should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women or by anyone with a mollusc/shellfish allergy.


Regenovex range


Disclaimer: I was supplied with Regenovex products for the purpose of this review but all opinions remain my own.




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