I can’t be the only parent in the world who breathes a sigh of relief when my children have another birthday. Yes! I’ve kept them safe for another year.  I always feel thankful that fate allowed my children to be born in a country where they will probably never feel real want, have access to quality schooling and free medical care. They might not appreciate their luck yet, but as their mother I certainly do.

Today my youngest daughter is seven. She is bright, funny, feisty, impatient, loud, stroppy and gives really good hugs. She likes dogs, maths and music and still wants to be a vet. I’m hoping this is just a phase. Her latest word is Booyah and if anyone can tell me where it comes from I’d be very grateful.

Her birthday is kind of special as she’s the child who ‘ completes the pattern’ in our family. For the next 6 months I can say I have a 5 year old, a 7 year old, a 9 year old and an 11 year old. Sequential 2 year gaps are easy for my poor old brain to remember and also make people gawp a bit. Then in July, DD2 will turn 10 and start the next ‘pattern’ off.

DD3’s birthday is also a relief because it’s the last in a run of parties and after this coming Sunday, I get a break from party planning for a few months.

The kids are at school now but this morning passed in a blur of cards and presents. Thankfully DD3 was happy with her haul and went off content that she had lots of nice things to play with when she gets home tonight.

Her favourite present was something that Santa ‘forgot’ to get her for Christmas. Luckily Mum and Dad were able to step in and save the day by getting it for her birthday. It’s not all bad having babies so close to Christmas , you know!

girl with an RC helicopter


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  1. Haha she wanted a helicoper or boofle?! Both are great 🙂 We have both of them in our house too!!
    Happy birthday little lady! 🙂

    came by your blogspace from kiwi mummy blogs 🙂 x

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