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Weekends are pretty busy for some of us in this house.

We seem to spend all of Saturday ferrying the older two *somewhere*,  but unless the little ones have a party we can quite easily get to the end of the day and realise they have done nothing but stare at a screen all day.

This is obviously far from ideal. But dragging kids away from a screen takes energy and an enthusiasm that a lot of parents struggle to find after a hard week. Parents need some down time too.

I have a special hatred of crafty stuff; in my opinion, that’s what school is for. But of course my kids love it and so I feel very guilty when I deny them such opportunities.

So when Andy from Weekendbox contacted me and asked if I’d like to review a box, I was quick to say ‘Yes please’.

My first thought was ‘What a wonderful idea’, and it really is.

The Weekend Box arrives  in a mailbox slot sized package- similar to what you’d get from Amazon. So you don’t have to wait around for it to arrive; it should just fit through your letter box.

This box is full of activities and ideas. The one we received actually contained five activities, but they usually contain four.

Weekend Box Contents

We had Something to Make ( Pom Pom Pig & Sheep/ Patchwork Letters), Something to Cook ( Carrot Soup), Something To Read/Write (Build A Story) and Something Green (Beautiful Basil). The activity cards come beautifully printed so they can be saved for use in the future, and pretty much everything else you need comes in little labelled packets, ready to use. And everything is 100% reuseable and recyclable.

There is a new Box available every two weeks and there are three payment options. You buy a one off box for £10; this would be a wonderful birthday present for a young friend or relative.

Or you can pay monthly ( 2 boxes) and pay £7.50 per box. This would be a great option for the upcoming summer holidays, I think.

The final, and cheapest option, is a quarterly subscription. You will receive 6 boxes over 3 months and pay just £7 a box. This is a great idea for your own child’s birthday and something that I have put on my son’s Birthday wish list for next year.

The  Weekend Box is aimed at ages 3-8 years and I think it’s ideal for ages 5- upwards.

My eldest ( 11) helped DS ( 5) to make the Pom Pom animals. At this age, he still needed some supervision but was able to do most of it himself. It kept both of them entertained for 15 minutes anyhow.

Making pom pom animals

I have to be honest, he wasn’t interested in much else in the box but DD3 is 7 and a school garden monitor so she claimed the Basil seeds as her own. The only problem is that it specifies the use of an egg carton and so she’s waiting for one to materialise. I guess I should get baking or something.

DD2 (9) liked the look of the the writing activity and took that card to her room. I thought we would probably never see it again, but she has been working on it and keeps reading bits out for us. The way that story building has been explained seems to have really captured her attention and she is taking it quite seriously!

And my eldest DD has asked if she can make the carrot soup. I think my kids would have preferred a baking recipe and it’s a bit hot for soup at the moment, but the card has gone in the kids recipe book and I’m confident it will be used at some point.

Despite the fact that not all the activities were one that the kids wanted to do straight away, I was pleased with our Weekend Box and the way that everyone got something out of it. It wasn’t just crafty stuff, and a lot of it tied in nicely with what the kids were doing at school.

I’m not sure our weekends during the school term are empty enough to keep up with four new activities every couple of weeks, but subscribing to the box over the school holidays is definitely something I would consider.

pom pom sheep

* Disclaimer* We were sent a Weekend Box to review but all thoughts on the Box are our own.




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