My Sore Back

back pain
I have a sore back.

It’s not something I have really suffered from before and it’s really very unpleasant. It’s sore mainly when I’m in bed, so it wakes me up in the middle of the night and stops me from having lie ins. I can still move around carefully, do pilates and walk the dogs. I even manage a bit of housework unfortunately.

During the day it gets better, although can feel a bit stiff and sore in the evening. But I can only lie down for about five hours before the pain starts again. I spend a lot of time tossing and turning. This is a problem because I need at least six hours sleep if  I’m to function efficiently.

This has been going on for about six weeks now. So I’m extra grumpy because I’m in pain and because I’m sleep deprived. This is not good at this time of year.

It all started when we went to Morocco for half term. The riad was lovely but the beds were awful. The mattress had dips in the middle and as we had to share them with the kids, I spent a week trying not to roll onto a child. Once we got home, I had a couple of pain free nights back in my own bed. But then the pain started up again and it won’t stop. I don’t think it’s our bed at home as it’s a futon and has not caused me problems before. We’ve also just recently replaced the mattress.

I take ibuprofen in the morning, and sometimes before I go to bed. I’ve tried heat and ice. Three weeks ago, I went back to the chiropractor I haven’t been too since having my youngest ( He’s now almost six). I still regard chiropractors as a little bit ‘woo’ despite  them keeping me on my feet during two SPD- riddled pregnancies, but I thought they were worth a crack (boom boom).

My first appointment confirmed my pelvis was painful where it joined to my spine. After some treatment, I felt more stable walking and going up stairs than I have for some years. But my bloody back is still sore. It’s now more muscular and seems to involve my quadratus lumborum muscles, if that means anything to anyone.

Last week I headed to the GP looking for a physio referral. Eventually I got one, and I have now braved the NHS chooseandbook site and been able to make my own appointment for about a month’s time.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to be sore and grumpy and will keep shelling out to see the chiropractor as I do feel better after immediately after seeing them; it just doesn’t last.

I commiserate with anyone who has chronic back problems and apologise for not looking particularly festive to anyone who sees me on a daily basis. Please don’t take it personally.

And if anyone has any suggestions for relieving lower back pain, fire away. I’m now at the ‘I’ll try almost anything’ stage…

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  1. do you tend to sleep on your tummy or your back? My husband read something a bit ago that suggested sleeping on your side could help back pain. I try (but I wake up half on my tummy), but I think it helps a bit. We spent a small fortune on an orthopaedic mattress and again, that’s helped us both a bit, but not completely. Actually, my husband swears by a couple of cups of green tea a day (but it makes me feel queezy!). It is a pain. Literally.

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