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I admit that I have had a bit of a love/ hate relationship with yoghurt.

I was 8 when I was put on my first diet because I was  a ‘ bit chubby’. Biscuits and sweets were withdrawn and I was offered yoghurt, rice cakes, beans sprouts and cottage cheese instead. Not surprisingly, these substitutions didn’t hit the spot and I merely became more devious in my efforts to acquire the now, even more attractive, junk food.

My teenage years passed in a blur of a calorie counting and gym schedules, and at university most of my nutrition was taken in liquid form. When we did eat, it was mainly toast, vegemite and yoghurt. In those days there was only one kind of yoghurt in New Zealand. I don’t remember it tasting great but it was low calorie and that’s all that counted. My weight fluctuated madly but I paid no attention to how healthy I was. Weeks went by without one of my ‘5 plus’ passing my lips but it didn’t matter, as long as I was thin.

Once I started working, I found I did have to pay some attention to what I was eating. I simply couldn’t get through a long day of visits, consults, surgery and after hours on an empty stomach. I joined various slimming clubs that made me very calorie conscious and I spent hours in the gym, which wasn’t ideal but at least I was eating well. Again yoghurt featured in my diet,  usually as a snack. This time it was definitely ‘lo fat’ and had a nasty chemical taste to it.  It put me off yoghurt for years.

I was pregnant or breastfeeding for a lot of my thirties, and I craved carbs, not dairy products. And when, in my late 30’s, I  finally gave up the dieting mentality for ever, the first thought I had was that I never had to eat any ‘diet foods’ ever again. And for a long time, I didn’t.

But now I’m in my 40’s, I have retried some of the foods that I thought I would never voluntarily ingest again. And some of them actually taste quite good.

Yoghurt is one of these, and there are so many varieties now. My favourite is Total Greek Yoghurt– it’s 100% natural without any added nasties. It’s creamy and authentically Greek, and remains unchanged since 1926. Yoghurt from New Zealand certainly never tasted this good in the ’70’s and ’80’s.

total greek yogurt serving

I eat it with muesli for breakfast but it can also be used for baking and cooking. There are many different recipes on  their website, or you can follow them on Facebook, or Twitter for new ideas.

The kids like it too. It’s naturally sweet and filling and makes a great snack with chopped up fruit. And because FAGE, who make Total Greek Yoghurt, have a philosophy of never make a product that they would not give to their own children, I’m confident that my kids are eating something that is good for them for a change.

Total Greek Yoghurt has gone a long way to repairing my damaged relationship with yoghurt and for that I’m thankful. Now I just have to do something about the way I feel towards bean sprouts…

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