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When our children were small, they really ate very little.  It’s not that I was worried about their appetites, it’s just that they physically didn’t need much.  Up until a few years ago,  we could feed all 6 of us on enough food for 3-4 people. But those days are long gone. These days, they could eat a horse ( and probably have, given the reputation of our closest supermarket).

Sometimes it seems that I’ve barely just unpacked the groceries before I find it empty again. Where does it all go? The four answers to this question are lined up on the sofa gormlessly staring at the TV while I type; they are like a plague of locusts sometimes.

So while I’m not sure I need a fridge with easier access, I do sympathise with the woman in this advert for  the new Samsung Easy In. Easy Out. refrigerator. At least I only have children raiding my fridge.

Although I’m not so sure the Easy Out. idea would be wise in our household fridge does have some features that would make stocking it up much easier than my current model.

First of all, it boasts no dead space. The shelves slide right out to make stocking, and removal, of items as easy as possible. No longer would I have to play fridge tetris with DH’s collection of sauces and pickles to find the butter. There is a Full Open Box  in the Bottom Mounted Freezer that can be removed completely to store larger items , and the  fridge door has inbuilt wider and deeper door shelves that can accommodate even the largest beverage container.

All food and drink stored in Samsung’s new Refrigerator can be kept at just the right temperature to keep it fresh for as long as possible. The Bottom Mounted Freezer keeps frozen goods to hand and uses No Frost Technology to prevent ice build up. The CoolSelect zone allows complete control over the temperature of that compartment , while the MoistFresh Zone controls the air circulation to maintain optimal humidity. This creates an ideal environment to store vegetables and fruit that require refrigeration.

Lastly, this fridge freezer is extremely energy efficient thanks to a superior digital inverter compressor that automatically responds to every cooling demand. Whether it’s a hot dish placed in the fridge that requires cooling or simply a pack of kids forever opening and closing the door in their quest for sustenance, the temperature inside the fridge remains constant.

samsung new fridge

To find out more about Samsung’s new refrigerator , visit their Newsroom, their website or their YouTube channel.

This post has been sponsored by Samsung, but all thoughts are my own.

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