Activity Day At Lapland: Part 3.

Our third day in Saariskella with Esprit was our designated activity day.

After breakfast we trekked back to our rooms, and togged up for a day in the outdoors. We waited outside the hotel for our designated bus, Dancer. All the buses were named after one of Santa’s reindeer and have signs hanging in the front window.

It was still snowing lightly and a little colder than the previous day, so we were a bit nervous about being dropped off in the middle of nowhere for hours, but we needn’t have worried.

The Activity Centre was on the edge of a forest, on a slope down to a frozen stream. There were at least 4 bus loads of people there, but it didn’t seem crowded. On the coach we were given a time to go for lunch, and a time to meet for the husky ride, but otherwise we were free to do whatever we wanted to, in what ever order we preferred. read more