The Search For A Summer Holiday.

It’s about this time of year that my husband starts looking at holiday websites seriously. Up until now, he’s merely been browsing, but now half term is almost over it all becomes a bit more urgent.

It’s complicated by the fact that we are not a family who likes to lie by the sea or pool for two weeks.

We tried that once when DS was little. We flew to Portugal and spent a week in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, swimming in the world’s coldest pool. Seriously, it was freezing despite the sun blazing down on it all day. The beach was nice once you got there, but first you had to trek down a very steep hill, past some serious construction work, and DD2 got the world’s biggest splinter from the walkway that sprawled over the sand. It was almost a plank of wood in its own right, and had to be dug out by a 12 year old life guard with a safety pin, after he’d poured a jar of pure alcohol over her foot first. I can still hear the screams now…The hill that had seemed so steep on the way down was a whole different ballgame with an injured 4 1/2 year old in your arms. read more


Well, we are home.

We got home yesterday actually. We were supposed to drive from Dijon and stay the night at St Quentin, then trundle home at a leisurely pace today but I was a bit speedy on the Autoroute and we arrived at our planned destination at 1:30 pm. DH and I looked at each other, neither  of us fancied another night in a cheap hotel and having to unpack, then pack the car again the next morning.

We ascertained we could change our Eurotunnel booking, the threatened strike had not come to pass, we had until 7pm to cancel the hotel and the kids wanted to get home too so we went for it. It only took an extra 4 hours driving and we were home by 6:30. Bliss. read more

The Gallery: Travel.

This week, at The Gallery, the theme is Travel. It’s a subject that’s dear to my heart, as without travel I wouldn’t have come to the UK and found the rest of my life waiting for me.

And it’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen to raise a family in the UK, rather than head back downunder.

As a family, we love to travel. We’ve been to 4 of the seven continents and plan to do something about two of the missing three in the next couple of years. Most of the time we fly because we have to, but when it’s all possible we take the train, or drive.

When you have this much luggage, it makes sense to take the car if you can.

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