Things That No One Else In This House Ever Seems To Do

There are six people in this house. Me and five others. So I refuse to do everything, just because I’m not working full time out of the house.

Don’t get me wrong.  Other members of the family do do stuff. They wash, cook, feed and clean out animals and usually keep their rooms tidy.

DH does his fair share considering he works long hours and the kids do stuff when asked. Usually. This is not a rant about anyone specifically.

But there are some things that no one else in this damn house ever seems to see, or do anything about, unless I get on their case.

These are, in no particular order:

1/ The post. Our mail slot is in our front door so any mail just ends up in the hall way. No matter how many people get into the house before me, it gets left there. Sometimes when I finally pick it up, it has footprints on it.

2/Sofa cushions. The kids always throw our sofa cushions on the floor rather than just moving them to the other end or sitting on them. And it seems they would rather step over or on them than pick them up and put them back.

3/ The table. Apparently ‘Clean up after your tea’ does not mean ‘wipe the table free of crumbs and spilled ribena’ to my offspring.  Can I just say that no one in this house seems to know how to clean up ribena properly.

4/ Towels in general. Bath towels, hand towels, tea towels, it doesn’t matter. Apparently they dry just as well when left in a heap on the floor.

5/ Coats. Coats are for throwing in the direction of the coat rack or kitchen chair. Who cares if they end up on the floor?

6/ Rubbish.  This belongs in the bin, not on the table, the floors, the windowsills, the bookshelves or down the back of the sofa. And of course if I ask someone to sort this out, then they always say ‘It wasn’t me’. I ignore this and ask them to bin it anyway.

7/ Dirty socks.  Six pairs of feet can add up to a lot of abandoned socks. These get left where they are taken off. In the hall, on the sofa, on the bottom step, in the toilet!!! I want them ssafely delivered to the dirty washing basket or utility room. Is this unreasonable?

I am not a martyr, I do not suffer in silence.

I am forever asking people to sort these things out, but it’s like Groundhog day. The next time the post comes or there is a pile of towels on the floor, no one does anything about it unless I ask/tell them to.

I am determined that one day, someone will pick the damn sofa cushions off the floor without prompting.

And I can’t wait until the kids are old enough to have houses of their own to look after. I’m going to go and visit and drop my coat on the floor all the bloody time.

mail in hall