Part 7: Cape Town

When we arrived in Cape Town, we weren’t sure whether we’d like it. We’d spent 2 weeks travelling around Namibia on nearly deserted gravel roads and had loved it. How would we cope with the hustle and bustle of a big city of over 4 million?

Our flight from Windhoek with Air Namibia was uneventful, apart from the discovery that there were no screens on this flight at all. Thanks goodness for iPads/ Nintendos!

However it’s only a 2 hours flight, and before long we were landing in Cape Town. It was after 8 pm when we landed, so dark and we were met by our cheerful driver who happily wrangled the kids’ bags for us and was happy to stop at the airport supermarket while I forced DH to buy washing powder. The apartment we were staying at had a washer/ dryer and I was planing to make the most of them. read more