The Gallery: Autumn

Autumn leaves

I feel autumn is a much maligned season in the UK.

Yes, it’s often a bit wet and blustery and you will no doubt have to dig out your welly boots soon, if you haven’t already. The mornings are darker and evening comes sooner.¬†Autumn can be a bit gloomy, that’s for sure.

But the shorter days are also responsible for the brightly coloured leaves that cover our lawns and pavements at this time of the year.

Once the daylight hours begin to decrease, deciduous trees start to shut down their food and oxygen production, as there is not enough light available for photosynthesis to occur. The trees rest over winter and live off the glucose they have stored over the summer.

The green chlorophyll, a chemical that is required for photosynthesis to occur, mostly disappears from the leaves so you can see the yellow and orange colours that were there all along.

The bright reds and purples that we see in trees such as maples, are a result of high levels of glucose trapped in the leaves and the brown colour of leaves like oaks are a result of waste products from tree being discarded with the leaves.

The theme for this week’s Gallery is Autumn, so if you need some colour in your life today then pop over to Sticky Fingers¬†and see what other people have been photographing.