Adventures In Iceland; Looking For Whales, Finding Puffins And Coping With A Bit Of Rain

I slept badly last night. Fears about the lack of dark affecting the kids’ sleep proved accurate and we had a lot of little visitors. I had trouble falling asleep too and it wasn’t until we had used some spare pillows to block the light coming around the sides of the slightly too small blackout blinds that I managed to drift off.

So it was after 9 before we were all up, showered, dressed and breakfasted. A quick peek out the door told us that it wasn’t raining at all, so we decided we would go down to the harbour and see if we could get on a whale watching cruise. We’ve been on a few of these over the years, so it wasn’t a biggie if we didn’t make it.

First of all we had to talk DD2 into going on a boat. She gets quite queasy on the ocean but agreed to give it a go again so off we traipsed. Luckily there was room on one of the Elding cruises. We went on a rather small boat with about 30 others and first headed out to one of the puffin islands to take a look at these birds. read more