Watch The Birdie: Update One

Last week I posted about the Birdbox camera we have set up in our garden, and about the blue tits we have nesting there.

The female has been very busy building a nest out of bits of dried grass , moss and leaves and has also been lining it with feathers, hair ( we put the stuff from the dog brushes out for them) and stuffing from some toy that the dogs have dismembered. Up until the end of last week, Mama Tit has been in and out of the box every 10-20 minutes, but the box was always empty overnight.

However about 8pm last Friday, we took a look at the birdcam and found Mama camped out for the night.

blue tit sitting on nest overnight

Eggs couldn’t be too far away surely?

But the next morning the nest was empty. It remained that way for the next few days despite the female spending  every night sitting all fluffed up on the box.

But then a couple of days ago I noticed she seemed to be focused on rearranging the parts of the nest right below her. She was moving a fair amount of the fluff around and once, after she had done some housekeeping, then left the box, I caught a glimpse of something egg-shaped at the bottom of the nest.

Eggs in blue tit nest?

There are at least two eggs at the bottom of the nest, underneath all the feathers.

The next morning she’d covered them up again but we’ve had other glimpses of them since then, including this one this morning. I can’t count exactly how many there are now, but it looks like more than two, anyhow. Or maybe I’m just looking at feathers? I don’t know, what do you think?

More eggs?

Once she has laid her last egg she will start sitting all day as well as all night but we could be waiting another week or so for that to happen.

Until then, I will leave you with a short video of Mama Tit bedding down for the night. It’s very sweet how she tucks her head neatly under her wing. DD3 is convinced this is why birds don’t need pillows!