What Are Little Boys Made of?

What are little boys made of?

What are little boys made of?

                                              Slugs and snails
                                           And puppy-dogs’ tails,

That’s what little boys are made of.

That’s how the nursery rhyme goes anyhow.

I would suggest they modernise this old-fashioned nursery rhyme a little, and change it to something along the lines of

What’s having a little boy like?

What’s having a little boy like?

Dirty hands and muddy puddles,

playing football and giving cuddles,

That’s what having a little boy is like. read more

Small Boys Don’t Want To Walk

Small boys don’t want to walk.

They want to march and gallop, to skip and zoom.

They want to scoot and ride, to pedal and push.

They want to bump down stairs on their bottoms and do stunt rolls at the bottom.

Small boys don’t want to sit.

They want to leap and land, to stretch and squirm.

They want to flop and tumble, to wiggle and bounce.

They want to launch themselves from anything handy, ready for action.

Small boys don’t want to sleep.

They want the book about trains, then the one about diggers.

They want to be tickled, and to play the upside-down game with Dad.

Then they want a horsey ride to bed, just in case.

The Joy Of Reading

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that the girls are all good readers and love books.

I’ve seen too many of my friends watch their children struggle to learn to read over the years. They do seem to all get there in the end though, as long as there is no reason for their difficulties. Of course you can’t help worrying when your children are failing to grasp the basics of phonics, while all their friends seem to be reading Ulysses for a bit of light entertainment but I think reading is a bit like potty training; they do it when they are ready and some kids are just ready later than others.  read more

We Have A Four Year Old Boy.

DS, our youngest and our only boy, is 4 today.

I can’t believe it’s 4 years since I last held a newborn, it’s gone so so fast. I’ve spent the last week quietly looking at the many photos I have that chronicle his life so far and feeling just a little sad that I’m now finished with babies and toddlers.

I found out he was ‘probably’ a boy at a private 12 week scan and was initially upset. I had a vision of 4 daughters in my head; I knew nothing about boys, what would I do with a boy? I’m glad I found out as I had plenty of time to prepare myself. By the time he arrived I was no longer upset, just mildly curious about how different a boy would be.

DS was due on New Year’s Day and I was desperate not to go overdue. Childcare arrangements for a birth can become very complicated and if DH was going to be at the birth I needed the baby to arrive before the kids went back to school on the 7th January.  Because there was the possibility that DH might not make it, we had also hired a doula, who would be attending the birth regardless.

So when I saw my consultant at my 40 week check, I begged for an induction ASAP. I cited DD3’s size as a reason, but if I’m honest it was more a question of convenience. And when he merely looked thoughtful, I cried. read more

The Gallery: My Awesome Photo.

I had a hard time with this Gallery theme.

Not because I take so many awesome photos, but because I form such an emotional connection with many of the pictures I take.

My favourite photo is probably the macro I took of a hermit crab on a beach in the Maldives. But crustaceans aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so I decided to use this one instead. read more

The Art Of The Wild Wee.

One of the tricky things about young children is that they have very little control over their bladders for quite some time.

While they are still in nappies you may find yourself lugging a bag bigger than your child around in an attempt to make sure you have what you need, when you need it. When you have a very new baby this is a nuisance, but after a while you build up your strength and after a while you no longer notice the extra 5kgs. Nappies may mean a bulkier change bag, but they are also very convenient. Your child can just toilet whenever he or she likes and you really don’t have to worry too much. Sometimes it can be tricky finding somewhere to change a particularly stinky bum, and nappy leaks are seldom without drama but most of the time it all works out just fine.

Then toilet training happens, and suddenly you are playing a completely different ball game. Your child can no longer just ‘go’ when ever they want. And for a variable length of time they are not capable of judging when they are likely to want to go, so it’s all up to you. read more

Introducing The Gallery: Children.

This is our youngest child, DS. He’s just turned 3 and is full of the joys of life. In this photo he’s bouncing madly on our bed.

I get a lot of comments about how ‘lucky’  we are to have a boy after 3 girls but to be honest, I wasn’t that bothered about having a boy. In fact, I was quite upset when I found out we weren’t going to have 4 girls but he has completed our family and brought another dimension to it. The ‘other dimension’  mainly involves Thomas the Tank Engine but it makes a nice change from Disney Princesses.

DS also has mild special needs; he has Verbal Dyspraxia and doesn’t speak. His understanding is good and he signs to communicate,  so he’s normally able to tell us what he wants or needs, but the potential for severe frustration is there.  He’s a pretty normal ‘threenager’ so he has some pretty spectacular meltdowns when we don’t understand him, but we are hopeful that he will be able to speak sometime in the future.

So that’s my boy, happy, active and wordless. We love him.


Our youngest is a boy and he turned 3 this week.

Like a lot of young boys, he adores Thomas and, perhaps because a little blue train makes a welcome change from Peppa Pig, the Tweenies and the Tellytubbies, I tolerate his obsession better than I did his sisters’. I think I even encourage him a little and I don’t think this is because he’s a boy, but it may be because he’s my baby.

He has Thomas duplo and wooden Thomas sets, take-along Thomas, Thomas bedding and Thomas stickers on his walls. He was given Thomas books and a Thomas bath toy for Xmas and now I’ve bought him a Thomas desk for his birthday.

My DH is a little uneasy about me indulging our son in this way. He thinks we should try and expand DS’s horizons but I just love the way that little face lights up when he sees something Thomasy. No other toy makes him as happy and besides, he’ll grow out of sooner or later… I mean, when do you ever see grown men playing with trains?