Stay Warm And Save Money With The Hive: Sponsored Post

When people find out I come from New Zealand but choose to live in the UK, they often seem very surprised that I’d make such a decision.

‘What are you doing over here?’ they cry in disbelief.

‘ How can you stand the weather?’ they ask. ( This winter, they may have a point.)

People seem to think New Zealand is some kind of  earthly paradise where the sun always shines and it never rains. This is not the case. I think they are probably thinking of the really tropical parts of Australia ( without the snakes, spiders and bushfires).

New Zealand has a temperate climate and the weather can change quickly. On average it is slightly warmer than the UK but the winters can be just as wet and miserable as the British ones. And the worst thing is that a lot of the older houses have no insulation, no double glazing and no central heating.

Since moving to the UK, I have fallen in love with central heating. I enjoy waking up in a room that doesn’t have ice on the inside of the windows and being able to walk around inside in a T shirt. But of course this heat comes at a price. It’s not cheap and while you don’t want to come home to a cold house at the end of the day, you don’t want to waste money on heating an unoccupied house.

Many people have their heating on a timer but timers can require a degree in rocket science to set correctly and there are times when you deviate from your daily routine. And there are times when you would like the heating turned up or down without having to get up off the sofa or out of bed.

That’s where a clever new invention by British Gas comes in handy.

hive active heating

Hive Active Heating  cleverly lets you control both your heating (and hot water if you have a hot water tank) remotely from your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. This means you can turn off your heating if you are going to be out for longer than anticipated, then switch it back on when you are finally heading home.  Or if you get soaked on the way home and feel that only a bath is going to warm you up again, then you can make sure there will be enough hot water available when you set foot in the door.

This approach to home heating can save you up to £150 on your heating bill a year, meaning  you could earn back the cost of the system and installation in under two years.

The kit consists of a thermostat, a hub and a receiver, which can be installed alongside your existing heating system by a professional British Gas Engineer without having to change your energy supplier. It is controlled by an easy-to-use App available for both Apple and Android devices and includes features like ‘frost protection‘, which automatically switches on when the temperature inside drops below a set temperature.

If you are like me, and fancy some control over your home environment even when you are away from it, then Hive Active Heating could be for you. Watch the video above, or look around the Hive Website, for more information and advice.

This is a Sponsored Post but I only write commissioned posts for things that interest me, and that I think might interest you too.