Namibia Part 3: Swakopmund

I was dreading the drive from our Guest House near Sesriem 300km north to the resort town of Swakopmund.

First of all we had to retrace our route for almost 100km of it; I hate driving over old roads on holiday, and secondly we had been warned how bad the road between the two places was. I’d heard mentioned more than once that people could only travel 30km/hour on it; it was so badly corrugated.

We needn’t have worried. The C14 must have been freshly graded as we managed to do between 60-80 km/hr pretty much all the way. The Hyundai handled it very well, rattling along happily. We had a bad moment when we hit a big rock that ricocheted under the length of the car and DH and I waited for a warning light of some sort to come on, but no, it was all good. read more