A Proud Mummy Post.

DS is our fourth child so by the time he came along, I had a pretty good idea of what was normal when it came to milestones.

Compared to the girls, he sat, crawled, stood and walked a little earlier. But there was no waving, clapping or pointing; this worried me a little as I have a brother with Aspergers. However he seemed to be very social and was always keen to interact with the people around him so I didn’t worry *too* much.

I had noticed that he didn’t seem to do much babbling, instead he used ooh and ahh  when he liked something and screeched like a banshee when he didn’t. But I just put this down to him being a bit slower with his speech; everyone told me boys often were.

DS was just over a year old when I really began to worry about his lack of sounds. A friend came over with her 6 month old who was babbling incessantly. DS was fascinated and as I listened to the baba dada nana noises that she was producing, I got a horrible sinking feeling. read more

Boys And Bedwetting.

DS is 3 years and 10 months old and still sometimes wets his bed.

I’m not worried, I know it’s not unusual and at this age it’s more an inconvenience than a problem. But for some reason it’s fallen to DH to be the one who gets up and changes the bedding when it happens, and he’s getting pretty sick of it.

It doesn’t help that all the girls were dry day and night by this age. When you have a boy after 3 girls, people are always asking you if you think boys are ‘different’. This is the only major difference we’ve noticed so far; DS has been a little slower getting reliably dry at nights. read more

Goodbye nappies?

Last night was going to be the last DS spent in nappies. Tonight, I planned to put him to bed in big boy pants.

I feel he is ready for it. He has been reliably toilet trained during the day for a couple of months and his night time nappies are mostly bone dry in the morning.  He’s showing increasing reluctance to let me put a nappy on him after his bath and has ‘told’ me, by signing, that he wants to wear pants to bed.

There is no ambivalence on my part. I’m pleased to see the back of the nappy days even if it reminds me we no longer have a baby in the house. I was a keen cloth nappy user for DDs 1 and 2 and for DD3 until DS came along. At that point I ran out of time and enthusiasm and discovered Nature Babycare nappies. They are chlorine free and biodegradable and I managed not to feel too guilty for using them instead of cloth.

So I’ve made the decision not to buy a new pack of nappies, dug out the mattress protector and prepared myself to ‘big up’ the wearing of pants instead of nappies.

But when I got him up this morning, his nappy felt like a brick and his pyjama bottoms were damp. He’s got a runny nose and grizzled when going into nursery, so he’s obviously not 100%.

I was in two minds; do I bite the bullet and put him in pants tonight or do I nip out for new pack of nappies? There is nothing worse than having to get up in the middle of the night to change a wet bed, unless it’s waking your child in the morning to find he’s slept soundly in a puddle of his own urine.

Then I had a good, hard look at the laundry basket and come to the conclusion that we don’t need any more dirty washing in this house, so that’s me off to the shops. At least I’ll get a 20 night reprieve before this pack finishes and I have to consider ditching the night time nappies again.