My Sunday Photo

This is DD1 and our second rescue dog, who she has taken on the task of training.

He was an Irish street dog and was rescued from a pound when his seven days were up. A very lovely rescue called Heathlands Animal Sanctuary brought him to the UK and fostered him for three months before we met him and took him home.

He’s a good old fashioned mutt. DNA tests have shown he’s got a labrador grandparent, and a husky grandparent, and the rest is a real mix. But he’s very keen to learn and is a good partner for DD1 in both dog training and agility classes.

Here they are practicing the ‘Watch Me’ command, where he is supposed to be looking at his owner and ignoring what’s going on around him. You can see the concentration on his face as he waits to be told what to do next.

He’s not perfect, and is partial to stealing food and disappearing after interesting smells when in the woods, but he’s a loved member of our family now and the thought that he was so close to being killed because no one wanted him makes me very sad.

Sunday photo

Sponsored Video: Jo Vaughn and Bella’s Dog Training Tips – Virgin Media Talent School

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Britain’s Got Talent.

I don’t watch any other reality shows, but for some reason I’m drawn to this one. I know a lot of the people who feature aren’t especially talented, in fact there are some poor deluded souls performing, but I love the thrill I get when someone brilliant comes on and performs.

And as it’s (mostly) a family show, I like that the girls can watch it with us. We all snuggle up on the sofa on Saturday nights and enjoy the show together. They like it too, except when I decide an act is not appropriate viewing and make them cover their eyes or leave the room!

As much as I enjoy the show, I’m not enough of a fan to queue up to get tickets for it. I can’t think of anything worse than standing in line for hours hoping to get a seat. I’d only go and watch if I had guaranteed seats, and then only to one of the semis or even better, the final.

So when I saw that Virgin Media were giving away tickets to the final of BGT and had opened their own talent school, I thought this might be my chance. read more