Does Your Town Have Olympic Decorations?

Yesterday, when I popped to the shops, I noticed these banners firmly attached to some lamposts on our High Street.

Sorry for the dodgy photo, I only had my phone on me and had to use Instagram effects to show the detail on the banner. The actual colour of that particular banner is more orange, others are purple, green, blue and yellow.  read more

And The Street Partied On

A few months ago, when we were in the early stages of planning this year’s Street Party, we had to pick which day to hold it on.

Our council was letting us pick any day of the four that the Jubilee celebrations were going to be held on, and at first it seemed that Sunday was going to be the popular choice. But then details of the planned Flotilla emerged, and it looked like the tables we borrowed last year would only be available for the Monday, so we went with that.

As yesterday grew closer, I found myself checking the weather forecast every hour. In fact, I was checking 4 different weather forecasts and going ‘I like that one’, ‘ I’ll ignore that one’ and ‘Oh no!’. The forecast was fluctuating to say the least. We were all on tenterhooks and I started mustering marques and gazebos. read more

What’s Wrong With A Bit Of Bunting?

Unless you’ve just got back from Outer Mongolia or somewhere equally remote, you’ll be aware that the UK is celebrating the 60th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

There are concerts and picnics, street parties and flotillas planned for up and down the country. There are flags and bunting all over the place. It’s a great excuse for a party, even if the weather forecast is less fantastic.

Being a foreigner, I have a slightly bemused attitude towards the Royal Family or indeed the British adoration of anything Sleb. The Royals seem a bit pointless to me but my DH assures me they do bring a lot of money into the country, in the form of tourism. I’m sure they do but I’d really like to see accounts detailing how much they cost and how much they bring in. It seems a bit off that the tax paying public should have to pay millions every year to support what are essentially one of the richest families in the UK. I’m sure we could think of better ways to spend that money. read more

How To Organise A Street Party: Part 2

A couple of months ago, I blogged about how we were intending to hold a Street Party to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

I’ve been a bit remiss really, I should have updated this story at least a month ago. We applied to the council to close our street, and after a bit of confusion about what a Risk Assessment entailed, we were granted permission. There have been various discussions with residents about timings and parking arrangements and it seems that quite a few will be away that week.

But the long and the short of it is, our Street Party will be held in 10 days time, on the Monday of the Bank Holiday. read more

Apostrophes, Truffles And A Wobbly Tooth.

So that’s Mothers’ Day done and dusted for another year.

I’ve become obsessed with trying to find out if the Mothers in Mothers Day is supposed to have an apostrophe or not. There is even mention that it should be ‘mother’s day’ but I’m not buying that. For me, it’s a day for ALL the Mothers, so if it has an apostrophe it’s got to be after the ‘s’. The debate seems to be whether a day that is ‘for’ someone actually belongs to them. I like to think of the day belonging to all the Mothers, and I enjoy using apostrophes, so I will use one. Even if you think I’m wrong, you will have to admit my error is not one of ignorance.

It’s never a restful day with 4 kids; I ran the usual taxi service for horse riding and went out to walk the dogs, but DH was a star and cooked a lovely roast for lunch and even managed to fix the dishwasher. We had DH’s Mum over and the kids presented us both with cards, flowers and some gorgeous chocolates. read more

My Biggest Baby Turns 6.

6 years ago, I was lying in a hospital bed, feeling fed up. I was 40+1 and had been admitted the previous day as my previously well-behaved blood pressure had suddenly skyrocketed to 140/120.

I had attended a chiropractic appointment ( I know, I know, I don’t believe in them either but they did help my SPD enormously), and they had used one of those little automatic BP monitors on me. The first reading was hugely abnormal for me, so she tried the other arm. The reading was exactly the same so she refused to treat me and advised to ring the antenatal clinic.

I could tell antenatal thought the chiropractors incapable of taking a blood pressure correctly, but they advised me to come in anyhow to be checked. ‘Oh, and bring in your overnight bag, just in case’, the nurse added. read more

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Actually, it’s a belated Blogiversary. I only remembered it yesterday, so I’m writing this 2 days late!

That’s pretty typical of my life these days. I’m crazy busy and my dodgy memory means I often remember a date is approaching a week or so beforehand, then I completely forget about it until after it’s passed.

Obviously, I write the important things down in my Life Book; family birthdays, appointments, play dates and parties. Apparently the anniversary of the day I started Mymumdom didn’t seem that important to me when I was filling in this year’s dates, but I’ve popped it on my Google calendar for next year. read more

And There Goes 2011.

If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering where the year has gone. Here we are; it’s December the 31st again and New Years Eve is beckoning.

Apart from the fact that these days, it doesn’t so much beckon as wave wearily from the sofa, where it’s been having a wee nap. DH and I will be joining it there later, once we have got the kids to bed.

I’ll be sad to see 2011 go. It’s been an unexpectedly good year.

I hadn’t been expecting much, to be honest, in fact I had been feeling very ‘meh’ about it. I had just turned 40 and thought I could see a large, empty, lonely future approaching. read more

Last Day In Lapland: Part 4.

We had to get up at 10 past 6 on our last day in Lapland, as we’d booked in for a Husky Heaven Safari. The coach left at 20 past 7, and was supposed to deliver us back to the hotel at 9:15, which would leave us just over an hour to pack before we were taken to the airport. Because, of course, we hadn’t bothered packing the night before…

DS was not impressed about having to get out of bed at such an ungodly time;  he’s a 12 hours a night kind of boy. He consequently refused to go to the toilet and of course we didn’t dare put him in his snowsuit until he’d been, but in the end we bribed him with our last remaining Tesco’s chocolate pancake. We wore all our kit down to breakfast, which was interesting and hopped straight on the bus after eating. read more

4 Reasons Not To Leave Present Wrapping Until Christmas Eve.

1/ You will probably be up after midnight and will be bad tempered with the kids the next day. It’s not fair on them, on you or any annoying relatives you may have visiting.

2/ If you have stored your presents somewhere ‘special’, like your DH’s cesspit of a study, you may discover at the last minute that some gifts have disappeared into thin air. And of course it’ll be too late to replace them. We are down a pair of pyjamas, a Nintendo game and 4 packets of sweets this year. We’ve been fine without but I’m hoping the pyjamas will turn up before the child concerned grows out of them.

3/ No matter how much Christmas paper you buy in advance, you will run out and be forced into choosing between using the old roll of inappropriately printed birthday paper that lives behind the sofa, and leaving some larger items, or smaller Santa Sack presents, unwrapped.

4/ If you haven’t checked your online deliveries carefully when they arrived, you may be horrified to find that they are not as described, and you have been fobbed off with cheap or inferior copies of a better brand. If you are wrapping on Xmas Eve you will probably have no choice but to give the gift anyhow, to save disappointing your kids. All you will be able to do in retaliation is leave a poor review on Amazon. read more