Summer Holiday Plans

After last year’s road trip around Namibia, there was always the danger that this year’s trip might be seen as a bit of an anti climax.

First of all, we don’t have the funds available that we did last year. Secondly, a lot of places aren’t at their best during the UK summer. Most of the countries we’d like to visit are best seen around Easter time.

We considered staying in the UK and doing a road trip. We  really like road trips, in case you haven’t noticed. You get to see a lot more of the world if you have a vehicle to get yourself around in, and don’t have to do organised tours.

But DH  likes a bit of adventure during his holiday, so was eyeing destinations further afield. I think the planing stage is one of his favourite parts of our holidays!

Finally we settled on the Western Balkans.

where are the Balkans?

The Balkans is a region that includes countries on the Balkan Peninsula in the southeast of Europe, including most of the former Yugoslavia.  We planned to drive around Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and take a day trip into Albania. Slovenia is sometimes included in this region, so we decided we would go there too.

There is lots to see in this part of the world; ancient cities with fortified walls, lakes and waterfalls, national parks ( there are wolves, lynxes and bears), churches, mountains and beaches.

That’s quite an adventure right? We were going to fly into Zagreb, head north and do a 3 week long anti-clockwise oval loop. DH spent hours on Trip Advisor and got as far as making an itinerary, booking the flights and accommodation.

Then we started to look at car hire and hit a snag. It’s always tricky trying to hire a car that will seat 6 people and also take all our luggage. If we are lucky, we end up with a nice MPV like the one we had in Namibia. If we are unlucky, we end up driving a Fort Transit van around. This happened in Norway. I hated that vehicle.

Car hire in the Balkans is also proving to be horrendously expensive, and we have a perfectly good car here, in the UK. We started to think about driving to the Balkans.

First we looked at driving to Düsseldorf and taking the car train. But we need the roof box on to fit all our luggage into our car and it would be too tall to fit in the train. We also thought about getting a tow bar put on and getting a tow bar box, but this would make our vehicle too long for the train.

Sooo, we’ve decided we will probably just drive. It’s over 1000 miles to Lake Plitvice, our most Northerly destination in Slovenia, so will take about 3 days to get there. The kids don’t seem to be too worried; we have tablets and in car DVDs.

DH is planning the routes we are going to take and pouring over Tripadvisor to book more accommodation. I am booking the car in for a service and MOT. We have sent away for International Driver’s Licences  and are investigation car insurances.

Only 5 weeks to go until we are off on our Summer Holiday.

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