My Sunday Photo

Last Sunday I took my 14 yo eldest into London to meet a friend she had met online.

I know it sounds like something out of a cautionary tale, but I was going to be right there with her, making sure her friend was actually a young girl, and not some internet weirdo. And as DD pointed out, I have plenty of friends I met online myself.

So, come Sunday, there we were , on the train into town. DD had arranged the meeting place, Hamleys, and knew what her friend looked like. Her friend was going to be with her mother too.

So we got to Hamleys, and there was no friend to be seen. DD realised she didn’t have a phone number for her friend (duh!), and while she tweeted her, we wandered around Hamleys and accidentally spent £50 on stuff we didn’t need.

Finally DD’s friend replied, they were supposed to have met in Harrods! Just in case you don’t know this, Hamleys is not right next door to Harrods.

So we got in a cab and trundled across London to a store I’d normally not ever step foot in.

DD’s friend was very sweet and her mother was nice too, and we sat in the cafe in Harrods and had a coffee while the girls blethered on about YouTubers.  This was mine, it cost over £5.

I don’t know if everyone gets this sort of message with their cappuccino in Harrods, but it’s awfully familiar, don’t you think?!

Hi Darling coffee

Sunday photo