My Sunday Photo

This photo was taken from the top of one of the hills in Northala Fields, beside the A40 on the outbound side.

You have probably noticed these if you use this road at all, they are hard to miss. They are also quite difficult to get to if you want to explore them on foot, which is a pity as they are great for families and kids. You have to get on the the London bound side of the A 40 and get off at the Target Roundabout, then drive live you are rejoining the A40 but instead take the road to the left of the slip road. This leads down and under  the A40 and you will see a carpark for the Fields to your right.

It’s not that close to us, but I had to drop one of the dogs off at a vet clinic nearby, and so I took the remaining hound up the hill to get one last look at London in the sunshine, before winter descends. It’s not a great walk for dogs, basically the path spirals up one of the mounds and there are a lot of people using the path who don’t like dogs and are horrified when ours appear.


This day, my walk was also complicated by a film crew who had taken over my usual car park, and were filming a group of uniformed teens traipsing up and down one of the hills. I don’t know what they where filming.

If you look closely at the horizon in that photo, you can see the City of London in the distance. There are boards at the top of the viewing hill which tell you what landmarks you are looking at  and it’s also fascinating to watch the big planes land at Heathrow, one after the other.

The hills are artificial and are constructed from the rubble in the foreground, which comes from the demolition of the old Wembly Stadium.

It’s not just a great park for the summer, if we get any decent snow the hills make for some interesting sledding experiences!


Sunday photo