Brace Watch: Month 2

This morning we had DD1’s first orthodontic appointment since having her braces fitted in January.

This is what her teeth looked like this morning before the appointment.

Month 2 of braces

You can see that the bracket has come off the second incisor ( front tooth) to the left and is kind of just floating there. This happened about a month after the braces were first fitted. DD was just sitting there, not eating , when the wire went ‘ping’ and the bracket came away from the tooth. At first we were quite worried, but some Googling convinced us that this is not uncommon. Sure enough, when we rang the dentist on Monday, they told us just to leave it and wait until her next checkup.

The main changes in her mouth are the her top incisors are have moved into line ( apart from the one with no bracket) and her canines have moved down significantly.

DD was again very nervous about this appointment and it didn’t help that the orthodontist was so brusque. I don’t think it would have been too much of an effort for her to have taken a little time to put an obviously nervous tween at ease by explaining what was going to happen, but luckily the dental assistant was nice and did her best to reassure DD. And DD was pretty brave really. She let the orthodontist know that the cheek retractors were hurting her, but sat still and bore it when she was told that there was nothing that could be done about the pain.

The orthodontist decided to include her canine teeth in the brace this time around, as the hole created by extracting her premolars was closing up.  The wire was taken right off whole brace, new brackets were put on the canines and everything was wired up again. The bracket that popped off her premolar wasn’t replaced this time around, so I guess they will straighten that up later.

This is what DD’s teeth look like now.

canine teeth included in braces

The blobby looking stuff over the canine brackets is wax and should help stop the wire rubbing against DD’s lips  and gums causing pain.

DD was warned that she would probably find this configuration less comfortable than the previous one, and although she’d had 200mg nurofen this morning before her appointment, she could tell her jaw was going to ache as a result. She also thinks that eating might take a while to get used to this time around as well.

 As per usual. we go back for her next readjustment in 8 week’s time.