Getting Crafty

I’m don’t consider myself a crafty person. I’m not a great chef or baker, although I do manage to bake the odd batch of biscuits or banana loaf, now and again.

I can’t sew, and I’ve always maintained that I don’t know how to knit. But then my oldest DD’s school asked them to all start knitting 20 cm squares for blankets for African orphans. DD didn’t know how to get started and asked me to teach her, and I found to my surprise that I could knit after all. Not very well, but I knew what to do with the needles and eventually produced a perfectly respectable woollen square. Then, even more amazing, I managed to teach both my older DDs how to knit as well.

But eventually I remembered why I didn’t like knitting; it’s boring and takes ages, but I had a vague recollection of teaching myself to crochet as an young teen, and wondered if I could teach DD to do that instead. I ordered some hooks as soon as they arrived off I went. To be honest, it  wasn’t quite like riding a bike; it took me a few tries and 30 minutes or so on YouTube but it all came back to me. I busied myself making 20 cm granny squares for the school, but soon got bored again.

DD had a go, got into a tangle and went back to knitting, but I preferred crochet. I wanted to make something but it had to be interesting, not just endless  rounds of  double crochet stitch. Google suggested this Vintage Scrap Afghan  pattern from Etsy for under £2. What did I have to lose? I bought it.

wonky Zebra afghan
For a couple of weeks I just stared at the instructions comprised of abbreviations and numbers, but once I received some wool I started.

I’ve made all the granny square motifs now. I already knew how to do these and none of them get big enough to be tedious, so it didn’t take long. Choosing the colours has been my main stumbling block but I’ve now discovered that the kids enjoy doing this. Problem solved!

Here are the 6 squares I’ve made so far.

Granny squares for Afghan

They are not perfect, but that’s the beauty of these sort of things; they don’t have to be. Now I’ve put them all together like that I can see that I need to include more red, and less green. The Granny squares are the easy ones though, I was completely bricking it over the instructions for the next group; the star motif  squares.

I started on one last night and really enjoyed it. I had to concentrate  and had to do over a few places where I hadn’t counted correctly. Top Tip: if you know you are going to have to count stitches correctly, don’t use dark wool for that round, as it’s really hard to see what you are doing!

So here’s my first Star motif square.

Star motif granny square
I’m pretty pleased with it and I’m sure the next one will look better.

I’m quite impressed with what I’ve managed to do so far, maybe I do have a crafty side after all?