The Gallery: Easter.

It’s a late entry for the Gallery this week as I had no internet access last Wednesday.

Our Easter break was a game of two halves this year. We spent the first week in the UK going for walks, and preparing for the second week when we hopped on a plane headed off to Jordan.

I’m halfway through blogging about how we spent our days in the Middle East, but wanted to use this week’s Gallery entry to put up a few of my favourite Jordan photos.

I’ve mentioned before how fascinated the Jordanian school children seemed to be by the smaller kids with our tour. DS soon got fed up with being ‘papped’ and went into camera avoidance mode early on. On observing that our 4 year old was not going to cooperate and have his photo taken by her, one teenage girl asked my DH what was wrong with our son. ‘He’s shy’, he told her, to which she replied, very seriously, ‘Shy is not so good for a man’. read more