Learning To Share

Parenting involves a lot of sharing. It can be a learning curve.

When you have a baby, you share your time and the attention of your partner/family with them. It can be odd going from the ‘precious vessel’ status of your first pregnancy to suddenly playing second fiddle to a demanding bundle who effortlessly hogs the limelight instead.

When they are toddlers, you share your food, your phone/iPad and sometimes your bed with them.  Your house stops being an adult space and fills up with the detritus of children.

This moves on to other screens including, but not limited to, your TV and your computer. They take over your sofa or favourite chair. Then they discover the kitchen. At this stage , do try and encourage them to share the dishwasher and hoover too.

But now I have a 12 year old and an almost 14 year old and sharing has entered a more intimate stage.

Not only do they ‘share’ any food I may have been careless enough not to lock away or expressly forbid them to touch but anything else is fair game too.

Pens from my desk, my SLS free shampoo and conditioner ( I buy them plenty of their own but they seem to prefer to use mine), my towel in the bathroom, my headphones go to school with them.
Certain sanitary supplies disappear ‘mysteriously’ on a regular basis and lastly, and most annoyingly, my shoes are often borrowed.

The irony of this is that I only own a few pairs of shoes and my feet are slightly bigger than DD1’s and DD2’s. This doesn’t stop them; if I can’t find my trainers or converse shoes, I know where they will be. The girls have their own shoes, by the way. It’s just that mine will have been closer to hand (foot).

Luckily I am a completely different clothing size to my eldest two, so at least I don’t have to deal with that scenario but know plenty of my friends who do. Thank goodness I don’t wear make up!

The worst thing is that I know this won’t improve soon. In fact, in 3 years time I will be facing having to share my car.

What do you have to share with your children that you’d really rather not?