Day 6 Camels And Coral

When I say I woke up around 6am Friday morning, I mean I opened my eyelids. I  had spent most of Friday morning awake, thanks to the rampaging Jordanian doctors. Apparently our tour leader had asked them to quieten down shortly after midnight, with very little success.

So my first bit of advice  is if you are going to spend a night ( or two) in one of these camps; try to find out who you will be sharing it with.

Anyhow, I rolled out of bed needing the loo. This was a problem because the toilets were some distance away, and I knew they weren’t going to be pleasant. There were dry toilets in the camp, which means you did what you had to in a plastic bag fitted beneath a toilet seat, then you threw a couple of handfuls of chopped straw on top of your leavings. The loos had been fresh enough when we arrived, but were not going to be so clean after being used frequently by a group of health professionals who had had no interest in going to bed.

After I’d finished in there *shudder*, I was heading back to the tent when I noticed a bunch of people leaving the camp and heading towards a big sand dune to the West. I checked the kids were still asleep, then followed the walkers and was greeted by this sight. read more