The Gallery: Food

Food is one of the staples of life; there is no getting away from the fact you need it.

But for some of us it becomes more than sustenance; instead of eating when our stomachs tell us we need food, we begin to eat when we feel sad or angry. There is nothing wrong with using food to celebrate, but when you start to use it to comfort, or  punish yourself, you are in trouble.

Having used food like this myself for many years, I am very keen that my children don’t develop this habit. So I resolved early on that the table would never become a battleground for my children.

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The Gallery: The Everyday

If you look through my blog, you’ll see pictures of happy kids, funny kids, over excited kids, grubby kids, smiley kids, grumpy kids and cheeky kids. I don’t do too many posed photos and with four kids it’s impossible to have them all looking attractive. These days I count my lucky stars if I manage to get a shot them all looking at the camera with their eyes open.

Our lives are pretty chaotic and I take lots of photos of what we do and where we go. I’m making memories for the future so I do tend to take photos of every occasion, not just the special ones. Because it’s the little details that count and these pictures are my proof that I tried to be a good mummy.

This week’s theme had me stumped. I didn’t know what to do with it but then went back to basics and looked at the words. I decided to take it literally and take a photograph of something we do everyday. Breakfast. read more

My Eleven

I’ve been tagged in Memes before, but never one like this.

SingleMarriedMum has been nice enough to tag me, which means I get to answer a bunch of questions, then tag another 11 bloggers to do the same.

But the difference is, that in this meme, I get to make up my own 11 questions. I just have to hope that someone bothers to answer them 🙂

First, here are the questions I was asked, followed by my answers.

What word/phrase would you ban?
‘Hun’, as in the term of familiarity. It mostly seems to be used by complete strangers wanting to appear friendly but it just makes me want to stab them through the eye with a blunt pencil. Please don’t use it in my earshot. read more

The Gallery: Sunshine

I knew this would happen when I saw this week’s Gallery prompt.

It’s been clear blue skies and relentless heat here for the last week, then this morning I woke up, looked out the window and saw…fog! It’s burnt off now though and we’ve got sunshine again, but there is rain predicted.

It’s still pretty warm for the next couple of days at least, though. But after that the temperatures drop and the weather becomes ‘unsettled’. Just in time for the Jubilee weekend. *Sigh* read more

The Gallery: Picture Postcard

I had a hard time with this theme; we’ve been to so many picturesque places since I got the shutter-bug.

It’s not hard to take good photos of places like that, especially with the clever cameras of today. I only have a little point and shoot that can be used on an automatic setting but can also be switched to manual when I want to play around with it. I have no wish to swap it for something bigger and fancier. I’m quite happy with the pictures I take with my little camera, and its compact size ensures that I can take it everywhere. read more

The Gallery: Morning

The theme ‘Morning’ should probably lend itself to exotic sunrises or a misty dawn in a green valley.

But when I think of morning in our house, I inevitably think of our Morning Routine. It’s what keeps me more or less sane while I’m trying to get 4 kids out of bed, fed and ready for school.

I usually get up about 1/4 past 6 so I can have a shower and get dressed before the kids get up. But when I get out of the shower, I’m often confronted by this.

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