My Sunday Photo

DS turned 9 this week and so we had the annual hunt for a suitable birthday party.

Can I just say, I can’t believe my youngest is now 9? That means next year he’s 10- a tweenager!

It’s a PITA having a child born soon after Christmas. If you aren’t super organised, and I’m not, then trying to get together contact details for the children your child wants to invite to their party can be a nightmare.

And I’m always worn out after the festive season . The thought of organising anything vaguely celebratory once December the 25th has come and gone strikes horror deep into my soul. I needed a party idea where I had to do as little as possible,and after asking around someone suggested I look into hiring a Gamewagon.

A Gamewagon is basically a bus that is fitted out with video game consoles and screens, so your children get to play games of their choice with their friends for 90 minutes. Best of all they do this on the bus, OUT OF YOUR HOUSE, and under the watchful eye of a Game Experience Manager who makes sure no one gets left out or upset. It is an inspired concept.

We managed to scrape a list of avaliable friends together and thanks to the wonders of modern technology (aka WhatsApp), I was able to send out last minute electronic invites. And almost everyone came!

Here they are, lining up and ready to be entertained. I know the bus doesn’t actually look that big, but there was plenty of room for 13 8 and 9 year olds and two full grown men. The house was quiet for a full 90 minutes and they were not excessively hyped when they come in for lunch.


It was far and away the easiest birthday party I’ve ever organised, so I’d have to recommend it to the parents of any child who enjoys playing video games.

Sunday photo