The Gallery: Back To School

My youngest three don’t go back to school until tomorrow.  The girls are making the most of this and are still tucked up in bed. DS is downstairs with me, playing with his lego.

But my eldest is on an overland train somewhere in Hertfordshire; she started at her new school yesterday.

First day Secondary school photo

Secondary school is a very different kettle of fish from Primary school. The kids make their own way to school, there is no chatty school gate crowd of parents and your child suddenly spends a lot more time out of the house. But yesterday seemed to go well; DD came home with a locker number and a timetable, and it’s straight into it today.

Her timetable tells me she has English, PE, Science, Technology Practicals, Science and ‘Personal And Citizen Education’. No prizes for guessing some of the content of that!

She won’t be home until almost 5pm, there will be homework and she’s going to be knackered.

Those of you who only have preschoolers or school starters probably won’t believe me when I try and tell you that the years have just sped by. It honestly doesn’t seem seven years since I took this photo when DD started Primary school.

First Day Primary school

My advice, if you are after some, is take photos, take videos, write down your feelings and the funny little things they do.

Because  everything goes so fast, and once these moments are gone, they are gone.

A bit like your children, really.

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