Brace Watch: Month 10

A bit late now, but at the beginning of December DD1 went back to the Orthodontist for another check up.

Appointments during the school day can be difficult to manage when your children are at secondary school. They are expected to catch up on any missed work by themselves and it’s hard to tie in appointments with homework and tests. It’s especially difficult when the school is so far away from the orthodontist that a 5 minute visit means a 1 hour round trip.

It’s probably just as well DD will have her brace off by the time she is preparing for GCSEs as our orthodontist is not at all flexible with appointments. We get given an appointment time, and if we can’t make too bad!

This appointment was a couple of hours after DD had sat her Grade 5 piano exam, so she was still a bit shaky after that.

This time around she had all the wires taken off; she still doesn’t like this being done although she knows it’s not going to hurt. By now her ‘left behind tooth’ has caught up with the others enough to be included in the same wire. DD was pleased about this as she had found the gap between the two bits of wire really hard to clean.

Braces 10 months

Braces 10 months

The orthodontist said her tooth cleaning had slipped again, so we are back on the plaque disclosing tablets. She’s using these a couple of times weekly but I wonder if she should be using them every day?

The nurse tried to encourage her to go with yellow wires this time around but DD preferred green, so this is her smile for the next couple of months.

Braces 10 months

Now I’m wondering if we should have gone for a brace on the bottom as well…