My Sunday Photo

Frozen Lido stone
We are lucky enough to live near a so-called Lido. It’s basically a┬ásmall valley that was dammed in the early 1800s as a reservoir for a nearby canal.

You aren’t supposed to swim because it’s polluted and there are no lifeguards, but it has an artificial beach, so of course people do.

In the winter it often has a bit of ice on it, but this year it almost froze entirely.

Frozen Lido 1
Last week there were foolhardy people out walking on it; some idiot was pushing their baby around in a pram. When I walked the dogs around it on Wednesday they were both very confused when we got to the usual dog beach.
frozen lido confused dogs
You can see a small area that has been kept ice-free at the top of the photo below, so that the resident waterfowl have somewhere to swim and drink.
Frozen lido 2
Now the temperature has risen and all the ice is melted, but it seems that 2017 will go down in recent history as ‘the year the Ruislip Lido froze over completely-almost’.

Who knows, maybe we will have another cold snap before the winter is over?

Sunday photo